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3 Best Rock Bands of All Time


Whether it’s a party or any special occasion, people like to listen to rock music. The rhythm of rock music will make you feel like going to the dance floor. We have seen many popular rock bands over the years and some of them will be remembered for a lifetime. Here are the best rock bands of all time.

Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin is the greatest rock band in history, and they have millions of fans all over the world. Many talented and popular rock musicians consider Led Zeppelin their model and have followed their footsteps.

Their first two albums Led Zeppelin I and Led Zeppelin II were huge hits. The albums were in the top charts for a long time. Their live shows and performances were epic, and their music is timeless.



It was a very talented band and their music was unique as it had a touch of jazz, opera, funk and other genres of music. They often took risks with their music and managed to capture the hearts of millions. The song ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ is considered to be one of the best rock singles ever.


This iconic Canadian rock band has been in the music industry for four decades. Since 1968 they have been producing excellent rock music and entertaining millions of fans all over the world.

Some say that their music has influences of Led Zeppelin. The fans were heartbroken due to the death of their lyricist and drummer Peart this year.

If you haven’t listened to the songs of these iconic bands then you have to do so now. The songs are timeless and you will still love them. In fact, listening to any of these rock bands while playing online casino games at all slots will set the mood for an unforgettable gaming experience!

4 Interesting Things You Should Know About Guns N’ Roses


There are lots of rock bands that have made it to the limelight through their amazing songs and albums. But only a few could reach the popularity of Guns N’ Roses. This rock band of the 80s is still popular today. Here are some interesting things about this band.

Paradise City was written on a van


The song ‘Paradise City’ is the most iconic song of Guns N’ Roses. Even partygoers today listen to this song all the time. The surprising fact is that this song was written at the back of a van as the band was commuting from one gig to another.

Drummer Steven Adler joined AC/DC


Drummer Steven Adler of Guns N’ Roses was replaced by Matt Sorumdue to his drug addiction. He then joined AC/DC as a drummer. But soon the band manager got to know about his addiction and asked him to leave the band. He has been out of addiction now and will be joining the reunion tour of Guns N’ Roses.

It took years to write ‘November Rain’


‘November Rain’ is one of the most popular songs of Guns N’ Roses. It is very beautifully composed and the use of different instruments like guitar, piano, orchestra, and others make it very special.

It took almost eight years to make this song so perfect. So, now you know that perfection takes a lot of effort indeed.

They changed their line up many times


You might be shocked to know that this popular band changed their line up 22 times! Though new people have entered the band often, they still managed to maintain their level of commitment and talent. That’s why it is still such a popular rock band.

Guns N’ Roses has been the inspiration for many rock artists today. You won’t hear songs like ‘November Rain’ and ‘Paradise City’ too often. They are the idol for rock band artists.