7 Facts About Heavy Metal Bands


Heavy metal bands have transformed over the years. Getting its roots from the rock genre, this type of music is now immensely popular around the globe. If you enjoy listening to heavy metal bands, then here are some facts you should know.


You must have seen the heavy metal artists banging their heads during their performances. But do you know who started the trend? Bach was the first one to start the headbanging act and the rest just followed.

Importance of hair

Hair seems to be an integral part of the band’s appearance. In fact, by looking at the hair of the artist you can tell that he sings heavy metal. These artists have long hair and they don’t forget to flaunt their long hair while performing.

Top bands

You should know about the most popular heavy metal bands ever. Some of them to mention are Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Judas Priest, Slayer, and others. These bands are the role models of the new generation heavy metal artists.

Genres of heavy metal

Heavy metal music also has different genres or categories. Death metal, for example, is music that makes good use of death growl and blast beat. Rhythms of death metal can reach up to 350 bpm which is higher than any other form of music. Black metal is softer than death metal and it relates to paganism.

Unique terms

Heavy metal artists use unique terms to describe different things about their music which only they can understand. Terms like blast beat, cymbal choke, and others are used byheavy metal artists.

Non-human members

Some heavy metal bands have non-humans like dogs and cats as their band members. The lead singer of the death metal band Hatebeak is a parrot and the band never go on live gigs. The reason is that the high decibel of live programs will harm the parrot. The band Caninus had two dogs as their lead singers.

Health issues

Listening to heavy metal music for a long time can cause harm to your ears and you may have hearing problems. Heavy metalis loud and if you hear music in live shows or use headphones, then the effect can be serious.

It can cause mental illness as well if you keep on listening to it. Research has shown that even cats get stressed out listening to heavy metal music.

Heavy metal music is unique and characterized by its loudness. These facts make heavy metal music more interesting. Over the years, the popularity of this genre of music has increased and it is predicted that the same trend will follow in the future as well.

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